Our recent community service planning session had a real vibe and provided an opportunity for members to have a say and to shape this critical area of Rotary service.  Discussions focussed on the next 12 months, with a couple of longer term options for consideration.  The outcomes will be discussed at our next club meeting so that other members' ideas can also be incorporated.  Some of the activities with strong support from the meeting include:
  • packing Birthing Kits (as we have done for a number of years now),
  • continuing to support Vinnies Community Inclusion Program at Oaks Estate, and
  • supporting our new endeavour operating the Vinnies Night Patrol Van once per month.
We also have a number of environmental activities including tree planting and Clean Up Australia activities planned.
There is something in our program to meet everyone's service passions.  If you would like to more about how to impact your community and have fun, please join us for a meeting and check us out.