Like Rotarians around the world, a primary focus of the Sundowners club is our ability to make a positive impact in our community - locally, nationally and around the world.  As well as helping others, we find community service activities to be a great opportunity for social networking and having a lot of fun.
Without limiting our options in terms of community service, many of our community service event focus on activities where we can actually have hands on involvement to help those in need in our local community.  But as you can see from a sample of our service projects over the last few years, we do take on all sorts of interesting and challenging service activities.

Other Community Support Activities

Power In People
Early in the COVID pandemic we held several community service activities in support of Power in People (PiP).  These events included cutting, sewing, ironing, hammering and more...... to support those in need.  We produced face masks and a few other items to help people who had sought support through PiP.  Read more about Power In People here.
We have also provided people power and raised much needed funds for charities and food pantries in our local area over the last 5+ years:
  • Menslink - helping to fund raise and support the important Menslink program.
  • Sorted items at Roundabout

We are always looking for hands on community services we can support.  We find our community service work a lot of fun, very rewarding and it makes a difference.
If you know a local or regional charity or group supporting the community and would like to have some hands-on support by a group of enthusiastic and passionate Rotarians, please contact us.