Like Rotarians around the world, a primary focus of the Sundowners club is our ability to make a positive impact in our community - locally, nationally and around the world.  As well as helping others, we find community service activities to be a great opportunity for social networking and having a lot of fun.
Without limiting our options in terms of community service, many of our community service event focus on activities where we can actually have hands on involvement to help those in need in our local community.  But as you can see from a sample of our service projects over the last few years, we do take on all sorts of interesting and challenging service activities.

International Service Projects

Our international service projects to date have generally involved a hands-on assembly or packing activity to construct or pack items to support specific charity groups operating in important fields overseas.  These have included:
Assembling Prosthetic Hands (Helping Hands)
The club raised $5000 to purchase and build 10 prosthetic hand kits to send to land mine affected countries ( ).  Through this activity we helped transform the lives of ten children whose lives have been significantly limited through the loss of a hand.
Packing Birthing Kits
Maternal health is a strong priority for our club and over the past five years we have raised funds for and helped pack around 3000 birthing kits for mothers in developing nations  In May 2022 we used $4,500 of funds raised to purchase and pack 900 birthing kits.  The full day event, with two shifts of about 20 members and friends included a strong commitment from our Corporate sponsor - Keane Consulting's team.  This surpassed our previous best event in 2021, when we used $3,000 of funds raised and donated to purchase 600 birthing kits and about 30 members and friends enjoyed a few hours packing them for shipment to countries where the need for these items is great.
The Sundowners have run collection drives to send bras to regional countries (supporting the Uplift charity). Bras and other intimate items can be extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to source in many countries and these items make an incredible difference in the everyday lives of local ladies.
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Helping Our Local Community

We love supporting those in our local community that are going through difficult times.  Some of our local community support activities over recent years include:
  • installing three 3-seat swing seats and painting a community/BBQ area outside resident accommodation at Oaks Estate, supporting Vinnies in their community programs,
  • purchasing items for the St John's Care pantry,
  • sorting clothes at the Vinnies warehouse,
  • making COVID-19 reusable face masks (supporting Power in People),
  • packing small bags of necessary items for homeless men, women and families (supporting Kindness Conquers All),
  • providing donations to Community Service #1 food pantry and Christmas hampers,
  • purchase and installation of two Street Libraries,
  • support to Rotary Peace Walks,
  • and much more
Kindness Conquers All
Street Library Construction
Helping the Environment
Our members are passionate about environmental issues and love to help out improving our local area.  Some of our recent activities include the following:
Clean Up Australia Day
by participating in Clean Up Australia Day.
Supporting Jerrabomberra Wetlands
We have participated in working bees and undertaken tree planting activities at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands and each year like to clean up our ACT.

Other Community Support Activities

Power In People
We have recently held several community service activities in support of Power in People.  These events have included a range of activities - cutting, sewing, ironing, hammering and more...... to support those in need.  We have produced face masks and a few other items that will help people who have sought support through PiP.  We are planning a follow up workshop to finish quite a few partly finished items off and to maximise our contribution to PiP and those they are supporting.  Read more about Power In People here.
We have also provided people power and raised much needed funds for charities and food pantries in our local area:
  • Menslink - helping to fund raise and support the important Menslink program.
  • Sorted items at Roundabout

We are always looking for hands on community services we can support.  We find our community service work a lot of fun, very rewarding and it makes a difference.
If you know a local or regional charity or group supporting the community and would like to have some hands-on support by a group of enthusiastic and passionate Rotarians, please contact us.